The artist

As an artist, Bjorn Wiinblad was colourful, exuberant and amusing. He was inspired by the imposing oriental style far from the Nordic pure style line, and that is how he was also as a person.

He accommodated and embraced most people  children who loved his fairy tale world.


Opinions on his works of art continue to this day to be much divided, but the interest in his fine art is still persistent, not least abroad (especially in the USA, Japan, Germany and in Norway). Bjorn Wiinblad’s contemporary colleagues were not equally inclined to appreciate his way of working so his standing as an artist has been rather distinctive. Globally Bjorn Wiinblad became one of the absolutely most selling Danish artists. He is among others represented at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Wiinblad is most famous for his characteristic ceramics from Nymoelle and Rosenthal. That gave him a popular breakthrough and they can be found in millions of homes worldwide. In addition, Bjorn Wiinblad has designed service, glass, furniture, fountains, figures, gobelins, bronze sculptures, tiles and furthermore decorations on cruise ships plus complete interior decoration of hotels and restaurants, among others the once so well-known Restaurant Wiinblad in the Hotel d’Angleterre. 


He gave countless dinner parties and parties for his family, friends and business contacts.

The dinner parties were planned down to the last detail and Bjorn had a finger in every pie: The menu, the wine, the table decoration etc. Nothing was left to chance.

Bjorn Wiinblad was a central figure in Danish cultural life, but not only in Denmark. He had friends and acquaintances globally and they were invited home to his private home, The Blue House.

He was a loyal friend, and once you had come inside his universe he persevered. He was generous, welcoming and loyal. He could also be stubborn and have his firm stance, and sparks could fly, but he also respected people who contradicted him.

Bjorn Wiinblad never married and settled down. His ”family” became all the many colourful personalities and people he was surrounded with; those who had been drawn inside his universe.


  • International Design Award 1965
  • Haandvaerkerforeningens Aereshaandvaerker 1974 (The Craftsman Association’s Honorary Craftsman 1974)
  • Man of the Year, New York 1985
  • Bakkens Oscar 1989 (Bakken = Amusement Park north of Copenhagen)