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Nephew Michael Buchwald, who followed the path of his uncle and became an artist, is an author, painter and actor.

”As a boy it was an enormous experience to be together with Bjorn who always had time for us two nephews, children of his only sister. As a young man I often travelled around the world with Bjorn and experienced art in its numerous shades. We could agree on for example a sublime opera experience, but on the other hand had very different opinions on art.”


”Here is a completely unique home which is not only worth preserving, but it illustrates a person with an affordability which only few people possess” explains actor Lars Knutzon.

He cannot remember otherwise than he has always known Bjorn Wiinblad. Lars Knutzon’s mother, Lulu Ziegler, and Bjorn were close friends. In 1956 Lulu Ziegler opened the restaurant-cabaret ”Hamburger Boers” in Stockholm where Bjorn decorated the cabaret. When Lulu Ziegler died in 1973 and was buried in Soelleroed cemetery Bjorn Wiinblad bought the burial place next to her where he rests today.

Bjorn – kindness itself and awfully nice

”I remember Bjorn as an amusing person who simply was there. My mother knew him before he became really famous so it goes back to the 1940’s. He was kindness itself and awfully nice. It was not as if we had lots of common experiences because I had my own life and was mainly preoccupied with girls and jazz music” says Lars Knutzon.

Lars Knutzon’s mother, Lulu Ziegler, was a close friend of Bjorn Wiinblad.

He has, however, numerous times taken part in Bjorn's famous parties and dinner parties. ”Once the famous English actor Trevor Howard took part and my mother said: Go and say hello to him, Lars. I hated such things. But, it was marvellously cosy” Lars Knutzon recalls.

”Bjorn Wiinblad loved art and music. He was probably one of our greatest art lovers. He purchased art and produced it himself. Many of his works of art are truly fantastic. Take a look at his works of art; there is not one evil thought in them. They are as large as life like himself” states Lars Knutzon.

”You cannot be small-minded if you create such works of art, and Bjorn was generous in every way. There was nothing unnecessary; the smallest detail was important. It was a cornucopia. Bjorn Wiinblad was grand, outstanding and unique in his life work and this must not be lost” states Lars Knutzon.

Facts about Lars Knutzon

Born on 1st October 1941, actor and instructor. Son of actor, producer and theatre leader Per Knutzon and cabaret singer Lulu Ziegler, educated at Skuespillerskolen, Odense Theatre in 1967. Lars Knutzon has proven his diversity by working many years as instructor and actor at a long string of Danish theatres and has in addition to this acted in many parts on TV, on radio, and in films.

In 1993-1995 he was managing director of the ABC-teatret (ABC-Theatre).

Lars Knutzon is the father of playwrighter Line Knutzon.