The welcoming Host

Bjorn Wiinblad was extremely welcoming and he loved to have people around him. He was generous and welcoming and gave many parties and dinner parties for friends and business contacts. He gave many dinner parties in The Blue House in Lyngby, but also in his other homes in Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Spain.

He had several homes spread around and he lent them generously out to family, friends, and friends’ friends and children. Often he stayed in a hotel himself, for example in Marbella in Southern Spain where he had two flats, because they had been loaned out to others.

The guests were met by a full fridge and bar organised by the housekeeper, and a car at their unlimited disposal, and everything was cleaned and replenished during their stay. That was how you experienced being a guest of Bjorn.


René Schultz, met Bjorn Wiinblad by chance. René used to work as a firefighter, and that ment that he had several days off because of his 24-hour shifts. One of his acquaintances worked for Bjorn and asked René if he would like to help him in the garden.

”It was so exciting to come into Bjorn’s universe. Mrs Joergensen, Bjorn’s housekeeper, made lunch for all who were at work – both in the garden and in the workshop. In the morning she counted how many we were and when it became 12 noon she shouted ”LUNCH” and then we all gathered in the kitchen. When Bjorn was at home he joined us in the kitchen, the world famous Bjorn, and we talked about this and that. He followed our lives with interest”, René recalls.

At one time René needed somewhere to stay and Bjorn learned about that. He offered René a guest room and there he lived for a period side by side with Dorthe Kollo in the other guest room. When René was "at home" he helped with various things, he helped for example Mrs Joergensen to cook dinner and he became a member of the ”family” in The Blue House.

Later, the guest house was offered René and it became more than 25 years in the guest house and a close relationship with Bjorn Wiinblad for René Schultz and his wife Eva. They had many fantastic experiences together with Bjorn and they met both royals, famous people and people who were someone in the music world.


At one point Bjorn asked if René would drive his car for him, and so René also became Bjorn Wiinblad’s driver. It led to many trips in Bjorn's Porsche around the whole of Europe and on top of that several funny and exciting experiences.

”When we had finished our dinner Bjorn could very well suddenly say: Couldn’t you drive me to Switzerland in an hour? Well, yes as I do not go to work tomorrow anyway. Fine, Bjorn replied, then you just fly home from down there. Then you had to finish chewing and get out and start up his Porsche. Bjorn slept by and large the whole way because then he could relax. There were no telephones and no letters to read or write.”

René recalls the first time he drove for Bjorn. When it was time for refuelling Bjorn said to him: ”I am such a big fool and have lost many bags. So, you might as well hold the bag.”

”When it was time to pay and I opened the bag, both the petrol pump attendant and I looked wide-eyed because in the bag was 300-400,000 Danish Kroner. It was somewhat of a shock to see so much money. Therefore, I figured out that the best thing in the future would probably be to take out a few notes when it was time to pay and then leave the bag in the car", René explains.

Bjorn did not regard René as his driver, but as a friend. ”When I drove for him, and he was invited for dinner, he always mentioned that two were coming. Then WE came. That is, he and I. I, little firefighter René from Denmark. While drivers for the other famous guests waited outside, I took part in posh dinners in castles together with lots of famous people. That was how Bjorn was", recalls René.

Eva and René Schultz still stay in the ”guest house”, and René is one of those who guide people around in The Blue House. He calls himself ”housekeeper” and he looks after the house as he has done for the last 30 years.