The World of Wiinblad


He gave countless dinner parties and parties for his family, friends and business contacts.

The dinner parties were planned down to the last detail and Bjorn had a finger in every pie: The menu, the wine, the table decoration etc. Nothing was left to chance.

Bjorn Wiinblad was a central figure in Danish cultural life, but not only in Denmark. He had friends and acquaintances globally and they were invited home to his private home, The Blue House.

He was a loyal friend, and once you had come inside his universe he persevered. He was generous, welcoming and loyal. He could also be stubborn and have his firm stance, and sparks could fly, but he also respected people who contradicted him.

Bjorn Wiinblad never married and settled down. His ”family” became all the many colourful personalities and people he was surrounded with; those who had been drawn inside his universe.