The ceramics is probably what people most recognise Bjorn Wiinblad for. There were not many Danish homes in the 70’s and 80’s that did not have one or more of his works of art adorning walls or tables.

Unika hand decorated ceramics are still produced in The Blue House.

Bjorn’s original potter, ”Ole pot” does not deliver to us today, but ”Ole Pot’s” apprentice Finn does, from the pottery in Hoeng. Even today they produce figurines and serving plates from the original moulds, which our three painting girls Rigmor, Jette and Lippen decorate by hand.

The three painting girls also worked for Bjorn in those days where there were not sitting three girls painting, but 14 working full-time.


We receive the figurine as first firing from ”Finn pot” in Hoeng, then it is immersed into the white, special Bjorn Wiinblad glaze, which has dried on the figurine as soon as it is brought out of the large tub.

Afterwards it is painted by the painting girls, and only Bjorn’s colours must be used in the combination determined by Bjorn. The painting girls must master a very steady hand as there is no chance to regret, because the figurine is dry as soon as it has been painted.

Now the figurine goes into the furnace which is placed beside the painting girls. Here it stays for 3 days at 973 degrees. Only then it is ready to adorn homes from far and near.

On a guided tour you can see the painting girls in action, it is extremely cosy, and they know lots of good stories from ”those days when the house was buzzing”.

We look forward to welcoming you!