Visual artist Peder Stougaard, who is the brains behind Dansk Plakatmuseum in Aarhus, got the idea to an exhibition of Bjorn Wiinblad’s posters in autumn 2000. When he called Wiinblad to present the idea to him Wiinblad became silent on the phone. Then he replied: Are you really serious?

”Bjorn Wiinblad was a modest, humble and kind person. Both my wife and I became friends with Bjorn and visited him several times privately, recalls Stougaard.

”The first time we met I said after a few minutes: If we are to work together we must be on first-name terms. And we were.”


”Bjorn became so touchingly happy that I wanted to do an exhibition. He wrote to me: Thank you for your letter with your wish to show my posters at the museum – THANK YOU! The world-famous artist was proud and thankful that I wanted to make an exhibition solely with his posters.

”The posters meant something special to him. In addition, it became a great success. Afterwards we made a few more exhibitions among others in Flensburg” recalls Stougaard.

”A couple of years after Bjorn had passed away we made an exhibition in ”The Old Town” in Aarhus and 150-200,000 visitors came. Quite exceptionally many” emphasizes Peder Stougaard.

Bjorn was a popular artist and his metier was to make people happy. However, Bjorn Wiinblad was not as acclaimed in his home country as he had deserved, feels visual artist Peder Stougaard.


Peder Stougaard

”That Bjorn was a clever business man goes without saying. Many artists could learn from that. He was capable of getting his art into homes of ordinary Danes, but he also created fantastic unika works of art that only few could afford”, explains Peder Stougaard.

Bjorn Wiinblad, who was trained typographer, was extremely fond of creating posters. In a booklet published in connection with the first poster exhibition in Aarhus he wrote:

”THE POSTER is a lovely art form. An art form which brings happiness to so many. Of all I work with; I am most fond of sketching posters, it is so exciting and you use many thoughts to find a solution. I feel it must be understood right away what the poster is a poster for, but in a completely surprising way.”


Bjorn Wiinblad himself writes the following about the genesis of the poster ”The Eye – protect it”: ”When the national association Protect Your Eyesight ”Vaern om Synet” asked me to sketch a poster I gave it much thought – I was thinking and thinking – HOW do you show the emptiness that must arise when you lose your eyesight, the enormous beauty you lose – those are my thoughts behind this poster.”