Rosendahl Design Group

The foundation behind Bjorn Wiinblad and the design house Rosendahl Design Group has started a co-operation which means that the dream of preserving The Blue House as a living home for artists can become a reality. So far it has not been possible financially, but now we are closer to our goal.

Bjorn Wiinblad passed away on 8th June 2006 and left an extensive design inheritance with international widespread works of art on display at among others the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and the Danish Museum of Art & Design (formerly, Danish Museum of Decorative Art – ”Kunstindustrimuseet”) in Copenhagen. In his will, Bjorn Wiinblad expresses his wish to let his house live on as a working museum.

Chairman of the foundation, Peter Grubert, says: ”Bjorn Wiinblad was a very giving person and his house has always buzzed with life, creativity, happiness, and visitors. It is our great wish to let the house live on in that spirit. The house stands precisely as he left it with an extensive amount of his designs and works of art. Here you also find studio and workshop where it was Bjorn Wiinblad’s wish that work would continue and that other artists could display to the delight of both themselves and the general public. Together with our co-operation with Rosendahl Design Group we are now closer at realising his and our dream of making the house into a warm and living place to the delight of all interested parts".


Vice President, Design & Brands at Rosendahl Design Group, Peter Normann Nielsen, explains that the design house has chosen to start a co-operation with the foundation behind Bjorn Wiinblad because his production represents a great preservation value in Danish culture and design history.

”Our mission as design house is to create new, lasting design and to rediscover design classics to the delight of the everyday consumer. Therefore, it is a terrific opportunity for us to add Bjorn Wiinblad’s imaginative and colourful universe to our portfolio. Here we are dealing with classics which deserve to be preserved and to be highlighted anew. A revitalisation of the brand both means that a number of the popular products will again be put into production and that it gives us the option to let new designers and artists interpret Bjorn Wiinblad's world in a contemporary context rooted in his artistic universe”, says Peter Normann Nielsen.

The co-operation means that Rosendahl Design Group has acquired the rights to develop products, market and sell a wide range of products in the name of Bjorn Wiinblad, both original products and new interpretations of the design inheritance. Rosendahl Design Group expects the first launch will take place in september 2014.

The working group behind Bjorn Wiinblad can - with the contribution of the Rosendahl Design Group - start a targeted process towards honouring Bjorn Wiinblad’s wish to let the house live as a museum.