Guided Tours


The work shop and the shop can be visited every Tuesday between 10 a.m. - 12. a.m. from 1 March - 31 October (excluding school holidays).

The rest of the house is not open to the public, but it is possible for organisations and other large groups (minimum 16 persons) to visit the house by appointment. Here, one or more persons who have been close to Bjorn Wiinblad will guide round and tell stories and experiences from Bjorn Wiinblad’s amazing life.


Today, the private home and workroom are intact as if Bjorn had just left the room. The beautiful home houses both his own works of art and especially his art collection from all over the world. He had a fantastic collection of art, books, and music which inspired him in his work. The house, the drawing office and the workshop are packed with art, sketches and models.

The living workshop must be taken literally. Several of Bjorn Wiinblad’s former ”painting girls” have resumed their old jobs and are again painting Wiinblad’s famous ceramic figurines. It is second nature despite it is more than 30 years ago they were employed as ceramic painters. Maybe you will experience them at close range during your guided tour.


There are stairways in the house and no lift.

It is possible to buy Bjorn Wiinblad art – both ceramics, posters and paintings.

Book a guided tour. Contact René Schultz, tel. +45 40 85 07 55 or on 

Charge: Minimum charge per visit is 2,000 Danish kroner including guided tour and this comprises up to 16 persons. If more than 16 persons the charge is 125 Danish kroner per person plus the minimum charge. Example: If 20 persons the charge is 2,000 Danish kroner + 4×125 Danish kroner = 2,500 Danish kroner.