Bjorn Wiinblad exhibishion at Arken

Published: 9. May 2014

5 SEPTEMBER 2015 – 17 JANUARY 2016

BJORN WIINBLAD exhibition at Arken

Elegant arabesques, delicate, tender lines, dynamic colours and lush forms. Most Danes know the fanciful faces and distinctive ornamentation of Bjørn Wiinblad from his popular decorative plates and his amazing illustrations for One Thousand and One Nights. There are plenty of memories from Danish dining rooms, but they do not stand alone: today, interest in Wiinblad’s singular blend of a cool Nordic line and Oriental decoration is growing exponentially. Wiinblad’s aesthetics are undergoing a revival.

In autumn 2015, ARKEN is presenting an extensive exhibition of the whimsical world of Wiinblad in ceramics, china, posters, illustrations, sculptures, set designs, costumes and more. Ranging far and wide, the exhibition presents a multifaceted picture of the artist’s development, his sources of inspiration and his unique sense of craft, décor and design.

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