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… run a publicly open museum of Bjorn Wiinblad’s life in ”The Blue House”, Hoejskolevej 5, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby.

The Blue House should be a living museum and workshop.


All visitors in The Blue House have noticed that it is a necessity that we restore the building just like we want to improve the conditions even more for our visitors.

Consulting Engineers EKJ have carried out a total survey of the house so that we are quite certain of what must be done. It is, however, such substantial expenses that we cannot do it alone.

Things have happened fast the last two years where:

  • EKJ have donated a comprehensive report of what should be done together with an estimated budget
  • we have a drawn up plan for a more sustainable and energy-saving running of the museum
  • the roof was leaking, but has now been repaired
  • we have a drawn up prospectus which can be ordered and viewed here - danish version only.
  • we have implemented the production of unika which our painting girls are painting
  • we have arranged a shop in the house where we sell hand-painted unika ceramics from Bjorn’s original moulds, all produced in Denmark just like back in the old days
  • we are booked all year round with guided tours
  • we have an agreement with Rosendahl Design Group 
  • we have displayed at The Danish Museum of Ceramic Art Grimmerhus 2012-2013
  • we have made a home page with webshop in three languages
  • we have interviewed a number of people very attached to Bjorn over the years
  • we have renovated Bjorn’s burial site with help from Soelleroed Cemetery
  • we have managed to get DR (Danmarks Radio) to make a TV broadcast which was transmitted in Christmas 2012
  • we publish a biography of Bjorn Wiinblad in co-operation with a large publishing house in Denmark
  • ongoing dialogue with Lyngby-Taarbaek municipality regarding preservation of the house.

All implemented work in co-operation with the board. 

It still is not enough in proportion to the enormous work in restoring the house to prevent it from decaying further, just like we are planning to extend so that sketches, figurines and other irreplaceable Bjorn Wiinblad items will not be lost.

We need to raise funds to come closer to a realisation of this in order to save this cultural treasure.

We need donations, sponsorships and partnerships, and all contributions are welcomed with a big Thank You. 

If companies, private persons, foundations, or others wish to contribute you can order the EKJ report together with estimated budget, plan of action and sketches of the new buildings associated with The Blue House.

Please contact:

Bjorn Wiinblads Vaerksted A/S
Hoejskolevej 5,
2800 Lyngby
Tel: +45 4585 1245