Who are behind

A board of directors are behind Bjorn Wiinblads Vaerksted A/S who runs The Blue House. The board of directors co-operates with a project and task group.


provide support to needy artists and run a publicly open museum of Bjorn Wiinblad’s life in “The Blue House”, Hoejskolevej 5, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby.


Lawyer and chairman Peter Grubert
Ebbe Simonsen
Former artistic director of the Royal Danish Ballet Frank Angelius Andersen


Peter Grubert, lawyer and chairman of the board
René Schultz, co-ordinator and housekeeper                                                                 Lonni Groenvall, economy and accounts


Eva Schultz, store manager
Lippen Loewe, painting girl
Rigmor Tokeroed, painting girl
Hanne Runa, painting girl
Vibe Ribergaard, painting girl

The Short story

Bjorn Wiinblad had a dream of transforming the Blue House into an open Museum. The dream have taken quite some work to get to where it is today. In 2011 the board established contact to Kirsten Meldgaard and Mette Vinding who generated a number of initiatives to support the activities in the Blue House.

René Schultz were engaged to guide in the museum - a first hand witness to who Bjorn was, how he worked and stories from his many travels around the world. Soon we found three of Bjorns painting girls, Rigmor, Jette and Lippen who right away sat down and painted the original Bjorn Wiinblad art, as if they have never done anything else.

We also have the pleasure of Eva Schultz and Lonni Groenvall in our working group. 

Much has happend and still does: we have approx. 4000 guided visitors in The Blue House every year, we have a beauteful shop in the house, a webshop has been made, we searching income and other funding for the museum's realization just as Bjorn - as we - wish for The Blue House. 

We can continue, but please come and visit us and we will give you the whole story.

See you!